Are you listening? CathyKrafve.comWe all wonder sometimes: Are you listening out there?

Something was troubling this beautiful, successful woman. I looked deeply into her eyes to read her heart. If only I could read her mind!

“I had the same thing. You know. What you just said,” she finally stammered.

She couldn’t bring herself to say the actual words. I totally understood. I was the first person she’d ever told. I’ve lost count of how many times over the years I’ve had the same experience with countless women who are just waiting for someone they can trust, without fear of rejection.

Are You Listening Out There?

So, why bother with Camp Krafve? Here’s the short answer: Because women have things they can hardly talk about. Men around us want to help, but often feel bewildered and overwhelmed because women process pain differently. Plus, men often have their own pain, too. Sometimes, it feels simpler to blow off conversation.

Conversational Adventures Start Here

Truthfully, it IS hard work to have conversations that are so real. I’ve started referring to the crucial moment when someone finally decides to share their pain as conversational adventures. These adventures take tremendous courage. Like any risky adventure, in order to start complicated conversations, we need good tools.

I’ve been talking openly about my past experiences ever since I was fortunate enough to get help. For over twenty-five years, those conversational adventures happened privately and randomly as I shared a snippet of my story spontaneously with women who crossed my path.

In the last few years, though, God called me to speak publicly about my experience from pulpits and stages across East Texas. Believe me, this was not my dream job. Honestly, it was the one thing I told God I would never do. Ironic, huh?

On the other hand, I’ve learned to cherish the unspeakable value of stories confidentially entrusted to me over the years. My life is richer. The loss of my personal walls is nothing compared to the inexpressible joy and fellowship gained.

Sparking Hope and Imagination

I hope the thought of equipping families to open up and be vulnerable triggers hope in your heart. If the idea of conversational adventures sparks your imagination with joy, then you can help. Here’s how:

  • Share my blog. People you know may be compadres in this vision. Encourage your friends to go and sign up for my newsletter. Sign up here. More people signed up allows publishers a chance to join us in getting the manuscripts out that will provide more tools to encourage people to build fellowship-based families.
  • Download Fireside Talk Radio. The topics you download will get more attention for future shows. Downloading is like voting without mudslinging party primaries.
  • Be brave. Test out some of the tools on our website in your own conversational adventures. We actually have many more tools that are not up yet, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, just email me at Together, we will create whatever is needed.
  • Pray. Please.

Each person must face their own personal fears.  In my case, because I had shared my story so often over the years privately, I knew women would respond without judging. But my past experience with men was sketchy, so I trembled the first time I shared my story in front of a mixed audience.

Good Men

Therefore, I can’t close today’s blog without taking a moment to thank the good men who have heard my story and responded with compassion. Starting with my own husband, but including many other men, the Lord has used good men to teach me fearless vulnerability. I learned along the way, that men, too, have heartaches they wish they could talk about. Sometimes, it’s their own story and sometimes they just need resources to support their wives, daughters, mothers, and friends. It just takes courage.

May I pray for you?

Perfect Father in heaven, all humans build walls around our heart and hide sometimes. You offer freedom, forgiveness, and comfort in Your Son, Jesus. You are the One who is able to free us from hiding in shame and from attacks of false-shame due to pain from the actions of others. I ask that You comfort the heart of this dear reader and provide courage for today’s adventures. Help us all overcome our fear of rejection, develop trustworthy friendships, and enjoy true fellowship. May this dear one open up to someone trustworthy and be blessed. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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