We CAN beat the heck out of fear. How? By recognizing what our responses to fear really mean.

In this video, we begin a conversation about how fear can short-circuit our relationships, especially our marriage. Plus, there’s more great news! This is only Part 1 in the series about beating the heck out of fear. Before we are done, we will have a whole new way of understanding our own responses to fear.

Flee, Freeze, Fight

In each short episode, we will examine how the various responses to fear look in marriage particularly. Since we all respond differently, understanding how each member of your family responds frees us all up. We can have wisdom to respond judiciously when our family members express their fear in flee, freeze, or fight modes. Wow! This is going to increase our relationship super-powers exponentially! I am very excited about passing this along. I hope you will share the series with your friends by forwarding this link or signing up to receive my email.

I’d love to hear from you

What have you learned about fear in your life? Any good tips or stories you would share to help others? (BTW, I am not sure if my comment section is working, so if it’s obvious to you, please let me know that, too. Thanks!)

May I pray for you?

Dear God who sees us, You understand the places where we hurt. You understand what fear is because You designed it to warn us of danger. You love us and comfort us even when our fear makes us a little crazy and confused. Bless this dear one now with wisdom and a peaceful inner spirit, even where it hurts. Teach us to cling to You and to be brave. Give us clarity as we understand the pain that expresses itself in our loved ones whenever they are afraid. We praise You because You are strong in our weakness. You never fail. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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