Oncology NurseLast week, Susan Ellsworth, my dear friend, did an amazing thing. She told her personal story on Fireside Talk Radio of her three surgeries due to breast cancer out there on the airwaves. Yes, count ’em, I really said THREE!

Strong Women

First, there was the double mastectomy, then the reconstruction, then the surgery to remove the reconstruction. Like so many women who have gone through breast cancer, Susan’s strength shows in every aspect of her life. She graciously told us her story to give other women a place to start the conversations they need to have with their families about breast cancer.

Diagnosis Lymphedema

She also gave us a head’s up about how hard it is to catch lymphedema sometimes. Important stuff and very private, especially for a gal who loves to avoid the spotlight. By the way, before the show, I couldn’t even spell, define, or pronounce lymphedema. So, Susan has already educated one of us!

Oncology Nurse with a Big Brain and a Bigger Heart

This week, she came back to give us the low-down on what women and their husbands need to talk about after breast cancer. Are you wondering how your hormones will affect your ability to enjoy sex? Do some of your questions include the word vagina? You have questions; Susan has answers. (She is going to be so mad at me for unabashedly bragging about how smart she is, but just listen in and see for yourself!)

Just the Practical Info We Need

A quick episode of Fireside Talk Radio is not enough time to get all the answers this amazing woman has collected in her years of ministering to women in their most vulnerable moments. For instance, her specialty is knowing which practical devices will alleviate discomfort. But she shares enough terrific info here to get you started in asking your doctor or your hubby the excellent questions you have.

Personal Thanks

I want to add my personal heart-felt thanks to my long-time friend for sharing her experience and wisdom so freely. Susan always amazes me and it is my privilege to share this beautiful friend with you.

May I pray for you?

Heavenly Father, we don’t understand why things like breast cancer happen. We don’t want to hurt or suffer. Never would we choose to feel like an imposition on our family. And yet, somehow, with You in our lives, the process of suffering seems to take on a purpose all its own. Through our suffering, we find connection with others and compassion. Have mercy on us now, O Lord. Give us the strength to be the courageous person who perseveres today. Make us aware as You surround us with those who love us and attend to our needs. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I want to hear from you?

When has suffering taught you a valuable life lesson? What practical tips helped you when you went through breast cancer?

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