Camp Krafve is not a place. It’s a lifestyle.

At Camp Krafve, we rejoice in truth with a Texas twang. We think hospitality shouldn’t be busy entertaining. Instead, true fellowship welcomes drop in guests to join the pageantry of daily family life.

That’s why Camp Krafve is not a place; it’s a lifestyle. Fellowship blossoms when we keep the good, nourishing traditions from our family and childhood. Of course, we all want to feel confident enough to edit the parts we didn’t like about our childhood. Freedom means trying new family strategies as well.

Dare to Tell the Truth Lovingly

We all want friends who are daring enough to tell the truth lovingly. Most of all, life is about sharing our aches and pains with vulnerability and tenderness. Plus, it’s about “kissing it and making it better” with a listening ear and thoughtful (preferably short) word of encouragement.

Where Truth and Twang Meet

At Camp Krafve, we look for the way truth can bring a shine out in everyone. Here twang means fun and joy mixed with real life. Camp Krafve is not a place because it’s just what we started calling our family a long time ago. We lived with kids and pets tracking joy and mess in their wake so long, the philosophical reality just kinda developed a name. If you relish the parade of life, I’m glad we found each other.

To this day, we are still all about letting God choose the friends He has for us, then rejoicing at the marvel of His handiwork in each one.

Together, we all yearn for a lifestyle that spontaneously invites folks to lunch with these words: “We don’t know what’s in the pantry, but there’s always peanut butter and jelly.” Finally and most importantly, we hope you join us in the joy and the journey!

Texas Gal Cathy Krafve Proves She Can Unload Hay Bails

Camp Krafve salutes hard-working American farmers and ranchers! Just for fun, we posted this video offering yet one more use for a crucial, home-grown agricultural necessity: good ole American hay.