Who is Cathy Krafve?

Semi-retired Mom, Queen of Fun, Queen of Memes, Queen of the Universe, well, okay, probably not that last one!

Coffee Cup Philosopher Cathy is the host of Fireside Talk Radio, an education connoisseur and a life-long learner.

Seriously, though, Who is Cathy Krafve?

Seriously, she is a Texas-based Author, Columnist, Speaker, and Radio Personality, specializing in Christian Marriage and Family.

She is a wife, mom, and most importantly, she wants you to know she recently rose to the rank of grandmother. Cathy lives and writes with a Texas twang.

David, her husband of 34 years, and Cathy live in Tyler, Texas. They have 3 grown children, 2 son-in-laws, and 7 grandchildren (so far) ranging from 3 months to 12 years.

Why tell Your Most Intimate, Personal Stories

Together, she and David decided to start sharing their family stories, in order to encourage others to succeed in the most crucial relationships.

All Couples and Families Face Common Challenges

They soon discovered that many couples face the same challenges but were reluctant to share. They also discovered that by pressing through they were teaching their children and grandchildren what it takes to build families rich in community and companionship. Along the way, through trial and error, they developed a host of practical strategies.

The Extremely Personal Process of Family Fellowship

At Camp Krafve, we really like the word practical. If it doesn’t work, why bother, right? On the other hand, finding practical strategies that work for your unique marriage and family is an extremely personal process. So, we’re here to offer ideas and comfort, yes, and hopefully a laugh along the way as we practice the gentle art of companionship.