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The Tool Box collects all kinds of seriously fun stuff! Happily, each easy-to-use tool in our Tool Box is designed to help you communicate in your own beloved family. By exploring here, you empower yourself to build gentle companionship, that is true fellowship, in your life for generations to come. So, keep read to find the cool ideas and strategies that presently infatuate us here at Camp Krafve.

#1 Tool Box Favorite: The Fact Box

Hit the arrow below for a great way to diffuse uncomfortable discussions and arguments. Because the Fact Box gives you a terrific way to think about information, rather than judging it, soon you will be a champ at keeping conversations on track. Even better, you can pass along the info to your family and friends with a simple diagram. Most importantly, soon your whole family or team at work will be laughing about putting things in the Fact Box!

The Camp Krafve Family Fellowship I. Q. Quiz

#2 Tool Box Favorite: The Family Fellowship I. Q. Quiz

As a young parent, I noticed some families seemed to avoid teenage rebellion. Yet, many families raised teenagers who refused to hang out at family friendly events. Wow! Next, I started noticing lots of patterns. Of course, my husband comforted me, saying teens don’t have to rebel. But, at first I didn’t believe him. Don’t all teenagers rebel? However, it turned out he was right. Thank God!

Especially relevant, there are lots of things you can do to promote fellowship in your family and avoid teenage rebellion altogether. To begin, take the fun quiz below to jump start your creative juices. In honor of the truth that kids do NOT have to rebel, here is a fun little quiz to rate your Family’s Fellowship Intelligence Quotient.

The Family Fellowship I. Q. Quiz
  1. When our kids resist going along with our plans, do we ask good questions about why they do not want to participate?
  2. In their early teens, do my children often go to events with parents?
  3. As parents, even though we have differences of opinion on the small stuff, do we talk out the big stuff and present a solid front?
  4. Do we refuse to sacrifice time together, even though we often sacrifice to see our kids get a jumpstart on opportunities in the future?
  5. Do our teenagers often pop in with their buddies now that they are driving?
  6. Have any of my children asked me for advice this past week?
  7. Can I truly love and respect the people my kids married?
  8. I feel bad about some of my adult children’s decisions now. Am I wondering if I could have changed something along the way?

Eight “yes” answers means you are well on your way to the blessing of rich fellowship in your family. On the other hand, if you have a “no” or two in the in the mix, no worries.

Never Too Late for Fellowship

No matter the age of your kids, from newborn to adult, now is a great time to start cultivating fellowship in your family. Parents of toddlers can start building a future that includes good strategies.  Even if your children are grown with children of their own, putting strategies into place now brings the gentle art of companionship home to your family today.

Cathy Krafve, Texas Author, Columnist, Speaker, and Radio Personality, specializing in Christian Marriage and Family invites your stories, ideas, and questions at CathyKrafve.com. Truth with a Texas Twang.

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