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Cathy Krafve's BlogThis is Cathy Krafve’s blog, the one place in the universe where we bring a Camp Krafve attitude to all things related to fellowship. In fact, we invite the smartest folks we know to tell us their best tips on creating fellowship in family and community.

Fellowship: The Gentle Art of Companionship

Fellowship, or the art of gentle companionship, empowers our hearts to reach for amazing relationships. We all crave fellowship. Many women flounder in lonely marriages and families, often because they simply lack the expertise to change their circumstances.

We Are Not Those Women

However, we are not those women. Instead, we seek strategies. We embrace ideas and tweak them to make them our own. Kinda like Pinterest for relationship. Right here. Right now. Thank you very much!

As champion women, we claim appropriate power in our relationships. We patiently understand and respect others, while recognizing the deep, overwhelming pain driving many people today, even those we love.

Why Cathy Krafve’s Blog?

My favorite career was raising my kids, but writing comes in a close second. I raised them and next thing I knew, they pushed me out of the nest.  Don’t tell my children, but writing is a lot easier sometimes. I started sharing ideas in my weekly newspaper column. I began to search for words that would help others. I interviewed anyone with good ideas about fellowship in marriage, in families, in our community.

Whispered Stories

Bluntly, when David and I needed encouragement and truth, it was simply hard to find. Did everyone else have a perfect marriage and family, but me? As I told my own stories, other women began to tell theirs, too. Quietly. In whispers. With tears and heartbreak and much prayer.

Start a Conversation Today

My goal with the ideas in my blog is to start a conversation. We offer hope to others by tenderly sharing our perspectives and experiences. Together, we empower each other to listen lovingly, while standing firmly in the power of God’s grace. Hopefully, prayerfully, my down-to-earth stories and practical strategies will allow you to ponder, discover your own unique strategies, share your success, and pass wisdom along to others.

Let’s get started. Thank you for joining me. I am really grateful for you!