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Contact Cathy KrafveWhen you contact Cathy Krafve, she responds personally to you. She asks lots of questions about what your group hopes to accomplish with your event. She tailors her messages to accomplish your goals.

Once there, she first delightfully entertains your audience as she reaches out at a deeply emotional level. Nothing makes her happier than to get folks laughing and thinking at the same time. She is a natural humorist and collector of stories. 

Next, because she is deeply committed to the nonprofit community, she has a rare ability to translate your message to your donors. Speaking truthfully and vulnerably about the challenges we all face, people of all ages and walks of life connect with her vulnerable approach to life. 

Consequently she has a proven ability to motivate folks to action in a gentle and enthusiastic way.

Cathy has a Vision for Giving

Along with her love of extending the influence of good ideas through the use of well-chosen words, she loves to encourage giving. Why does she understand giving? Because she grew up in a community where generosity is a way of life. Therefore, from an early age, she learned the value of a big vision. She loves conveying a vision for your nonprofit that inspires and motivates your audience for action. From her point of view, bringing people together around causes they are passionate about is a win-win. Not only are communities strengthened, but giving also translates into healthy, fellowship-driven families.

Cathy Understands what Motivates Donors

For many years, she has interviewed community leaders and philanthropists on how and why they give. The stories they tell inspire her. One of her greatest joys in life is seeing her children adopt a lifestyle that includes community service, developing their own specific passions. To contact Cathy with questions or to book her for your next event, use the form below. Se will call you back promptly.

At Camp Krafve, we passionately pass along Truth with a Texas Twang. We welcome you to join the many people who adopt a Camp Krafve lifestyle of generosity and freedom.

Quick Facts about Cathy:

  • Radio Personality and frequent podcast guest
  • Columnist, Checklist Charlie, Bullard Banner
  • Served on the founding board of CARE, Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education
  • Currently on the Foundation Board of Bethesda Health Clinic
  • CGO (Chief Giving Officer) of Orbit Land Services
  • She and her husband of 34 years, David live in Tyler, Texas. They have 3 grown children, 2 son-in-laws, and 7 grandchildren (so far) ranging from in utero to 13 years.

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