Fireside Talk Radio, CathyKrafve.comAll women have things we want to know, but are afraid to ask. Join Semi-retired Mom, Queen of Fun, and Coffee Cup Philosopher Cathy Krafve for Fireside Talk Radio as she pulls in exciting guests from all walks of life who rejoice in deeply spiritual truths. 

Fireside Talk Radio: You name it, we talk about it 

Warning: You may feel guilty pleasure for listening in on the sparky conversational adventures on Fireside Talk Radio. But why not? We all know faith is never supposed to be dull.

At Camp Krafve, we really like the word practical. If it doesn’t work, why bother? In the extremely personal process of finding practical strategies that work for your unique family, we’re here to offer ideas, comfort, and a laugh along the way.

Why? Because all women deserve a break. By a break, we mean a minute alone with a good podcast. If you relish the parade of life, you came to the right place. We are all about letting God choose our friends, then rejoicing at the marvel of His handiwork in each one.

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Truth with Texas Twang spoken here.

Listen in now to this conversational adventure as Cathy helps us find answers to our most tender questions….




Cathy Krafve, Texas Author, Columnist, Speaker, and Radio Personality, focusing on fellowship in Christian Marriage and Family, invites your stories, ideas, and questions at Truth with a Texas Twang.