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In this episode, Pastor Stanley Cofer returns to update us on some of the great stuff happening around East Texas to finally do away with self-segregation. He shares his secrets for attracting young people and people from all ethnic backgrounds to community events. He talks about how Christians can be relevant. Factoring in respect for personal preferences when it comes to worship styles, he encourage folks to break down walls by bringing together congregations for special events. Finally, with compassion and insight he shares the valuable heart-felt messages he has for his white brothers and sisters. You won’t want to miss this truthful discussion of what it takes to become an empowerment community.
Pastor Stanley Cofer credits his parents’ insight and love of God’s word for the advantages he’s enjoyed even as a young man. “They placed the word of God as the top authority. I never heard my parents downgrade a caucasian person, Nor did they exalt their own race.” Because they taught him to seek God first, he finds himself in a unique lace in East Texas. In a community that has struggled with racial division for over a hundred years, Stanley and his wife Christy find themselves in an unusual position. Spearheading a movement for unity, through the Empowerment Community Development Corporation, they find their efforts to bring unity to East Texas attracting enthusiasm. To those who scoff, Stanley has this to say: “I am not pro-back. I am not pro-white. I am pro-human,” adding, “If Christ is the center, you can’t help but be an agent of love.”
Ben Sciacca is back with Cathy to offer practical advice on how even one person’s efforts can ripple out to create unity in our communities. What can we do? Anything simple and easy that might make a difference on the tough issue of racism? You bet! Along with reconciliation and justice, Ben offers insight on “Shalom, peace that makes harmony and delight in all our relationships.” We are so proud of this episode that identifies the kind of Biblical peace promised when we discover the secret to seeking it first in our own hearts.
In this candid interview about what motivates him to address race issues with such a vulnerable heart, Ben Scaccia opens up about how he came to write the best-selling novel, Meals from Mars. Ben shares how his preconceived ideas were challenged in Chicago when, as a student at Wheaton, he volunteered at Cook County’s juvie jail. The young men he met there challenged him to think about reconciliation and justice from a different perspective. If you’ve wondered what you could do to help heal our nation’s schism over race , you will want to tune in for the practical and perceptive insight Ben offers. Eighteen years as an educator at Restoration Academy near Birmingham, Alabama have cemented this good man’s love for his diverse community.
The amazing and talented Mary Ottman shares valuable insight on how leaders can grow. An engineer by training, a wise woman by design, her practical tips on self-diagnosing ways to become a trusted and insightful leader will have you begging for more! Get the best leadership training in your week here absolutely free in only 30 minutes. Professional women (and men) will love the practical advice born out of Mary’s vast experience.
Mary Ottman share of her experience as a professional woman who was “roofied” in a work environment at 47 years old. Can it even be called date rape if the predator is someone you’ve known for years and thought of as a harmless friend? How does the drug effect you? How can you be fore-warned and thus, fore-armed? Mary shares her tender story and what she learned when reality set in after the initial trauma and shock wore off. This is an episode you will not want to miss. Listen and then, PLEASE, share it with your daughters and friends of all ages!
CARE Executive Director B.J. Garrett tells the gut-wrenching story of her childhood experiences. She tells of trauma, including sexual trafficking, that was compounded by abortion. This victorious and mighty woman of God shares how she shook free of the chains introduced by her childhood experiences and became a powerful force in the fight to empower women. If you are struggling with the after-affects of abortion or love someone who is, this show will set you on a path to freedom and joy.
Care Executive Director B.J. Garrett shares how pastors are helping congregations by inviting women to tell their story of an abortion experience. In this episode, B.J. addresses the myth that post-abortive trauma is not affecting families or the church. CARE stands for Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education. Many, but not all, CARE volunteers are post-abortive. Some share their stories publicly; while all appreciate the strict confidentiality of the ministry. If you are wishing you could make a difference when it comes to abortion, B.J. shares how people are quietly making a gentle difference behind the scenes on this very personal issue.
Media guru, Sandra Beck, tells how it really is to be single and strong as a mom. She holds back no punches in talking about the challenges. Then, in her energetic, no-nonsence style, Sandra offers practical tips and personal stories of things that worked for her amazing family. Like the way she dreaded certain community events because she had to haul her own picnic in, while other moms had hubbies to help. Leave it to Sandra to tell the truth and encourage us simultaneously. If you want to encourage single moms, or you want to be the strong single mom champion of your family, listen in to this reality check with the pumped-up solutions we all seek.
Sandra Beck joins Cathy to talk about how professional, educated, amazing women deal with the reality of divorce. A champion in every way, Sandra tells the story of how she experienced and survived divorce to become her family’s champion. If you follow Sandra, you know she tells the truth with vulnerability and tenderness. If you are going through a divorce or know someone who is, Sandra’s family proves that staying strong until we see strength manifest itself in our kids, too, is the surest path to victory and joy.
Darlene Marshal joins Cathy to share the wisdom she learned after a divorce as a Christian woman and gifted Bible teacher. How can the church step up to comfort those who have been through divorce? How do we get over our judgy-ness of others and ourselves about divorce? How can we understand the challenge single moms’ face after the divorce? Darlene tells the hard truth with compassion and gentleness. Darlene talks about pursuing the same purpose God always intended for you, even if your marriage turns toward divorce. She shares how she grew confident in the future God had for her and her children. If you or someone you love has been through divorce, you don’t want to miss her encouraging message! For more about Darlene, go to
Darlene shares her experiences as a Christian woman who never expected to be divorced She discusses with tenderness the impact that mental health can have in families. A gifted Bible teacher, Darlene has devoted herself to impacting the next generation her whole life. With over 32 years experience in public schools, including administration, Darlene currently serves as Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas, the only Boys and Girls Club in the nation to come under the auspices of a Christian organization, the Mentoring Alliance. Darlene is truly exceptional in every way. Cathy cherishes this episode in which Darlene humbly tells the most personal aspects of how she lived through her unexpected heartache. For more about Darlene, go to
Susan Ellsworth joins Cathy for enlightening wisdom on how to talk to your hubby after a mastectomy, how to get the post-op care you need, and what to watch for when you no longer get mammograms. She discusses the difficulty of getting lymphedema diagnosed. Susan is Cathy’s dear friend, an oncology nurse and a breast cancer survivor. With 24 years in nursing, she has tenderly cared for countless patients in the most difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives. She and her husband have been married 28 years and she is the mother of 3 kids. One of her daughters is also a nurse. My family loves Susan. In this episode, she shares the questions we all wish we knew when a loved one comes out of surgery. A nurse, Susan even uses the word vagina (properly) because, let’s face it, some of our questions have to do with sex!
Susan Ellsworth had a double mastectomy, a reconstruction, and then a third surgery to remove the reconstruction. She discusses the difficulty of getting lymphedema diagnosed. We knew her experience with breast cancer as an oncology nurse makes her qualified to help many, many women as they go through the journey with their families. So, even though Susan is a very private person, she agreed to tell her story simply to help others. With 24 years in nursing, Susan has served both as a cardio and an oncology nurse. She has tenderly cared for countless patients in the most difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives. She and her husband have been married 28 years and she is the mother of 3 kids. One of her daughters is also a nurse. The MOST important thing about Susan is her faith, which you are about to discover by listening in on this tender conversation.
Frankie Picasso never lets life get in the way of helping others. In this episode, she shares a bit about the countless nonprofits she has helped in her mission to make the world a brighter place. A woman of influence, when she is not bragging on people with a passion to serve, she is coaching others to accomplish their dreams. Squeezed in all the abundance of her life is time to call attention to the plight of forsaken pets. So, which nonprofits does she rank as her very favorites? To find out, listen in and laugh along with us and the amazing Frankie!
The Collision of Life and Art in Chronic Pain with Frankie Picasso
The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, Talk Radio Guru and wonderful human, joins us to tell her story of dealing with chronic pain. We turn the tables on Frankie and ask her all the hard questions she is usually asking the guests on her programs. In return, she opens up and tells us the truth about what she does each day to be the fabulous person we all admire. You may find yourself holding your breath as Frankie shares her adventures with overcoming pain. How did her experience help her reconnect with an old passion? As always, she manages to weave in stories of other people she admires and, of course, the pets we all love! Effect of Respecting Elders with Robin Boyd
Robin Boyd shares wisdom on how to best serve and respect elders in multigenerational families. Her practical tips include keeping a sign up notebook for all service providers to sign in as they walk through the doors of your elder’s room. If you are looking for practical ideas to make life wonderful for an elder you love, you will want to listen in as Robin shares wisdom from her vast experience as a loving daughter and devoted care-giver.
Special guest, Passing 50’s Robin Boyd, shares her personal story of realizing her mother was unconscious after a stroke, not sleeping, as her young daughter reported. With insight born of experience, Robin shares how to face down all the challenges we face when we try to raise a family, while simultaneously caring for an aging parent. With wisdom and tenderness, she lists the things we may face and offers practical ideas to give us relief and encouragement today.
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