Maybe you’ve had friends tell you to pray more instead of worrying. Good grief!┬áSome time or other, every Christian wonders if our faith is sub-par when we fight ongoing battles with fear. Actually, fear can be a good thing. Talk about freedom!

Christians often feel guilty when we experience fear. Yet, God designed all our emotions for a good purpose. In today’s blog, we explore a crucial question. Is fear the opposite of faith?

Is Fear the Opposite of Faith, Click Below

I want to hear from you…

How have you learned the value of healthy fear in your life? How have you learned to trust your gut? What can you share to encourage others to Beat the Heck Out of Fear?

May I pray for you?

Dear Father in heaven, You know our hearts because You made each one of us. Fear challenges us all. Maybe we’re afraid to take on a new adventure at work or home. Perhaps, we lie awake at night dreading bad news or we battle feelings of inferiority and anxiety. You know us, Lord. The humans You made fear losing control. Please bless this dear reader with a sense of Your comforting presence. Give us confidence in Your design and purpose in our lives. Teach us to trust You and to measure our instincts in light of Your ever-present guidance. We rejoice and give honor to You because Your love is unfailing. In Jesus name. Amen.

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