CathyKrafve.comSusan Ellsworth had a double mastectomy, a reconstruction, and then a third surgery to remove the reconstruction. She’s an oncology nurse who beats breast cancer. Plus, she keeps beating cancer daily as she helps her patients in their most vulnerable moments.

Questions that are Too Personal?

Maybe you even know someone like Susan with an indomitable spirit who faces down cancer with courage and dignity. Are you afraid to ask too many personal questions? If so, I have great news: Susan came on Fireside Talk Radio and courageously told us all the nitty gritty details.

An Oncology Nurse with First Hand Experience with Breast Cancer

She share her very personal story to help other families trying to figure out how to face down  breast cancer with dignity and victory. Consider it a Christmas present for anyone grieving because their holiday is not what they expected.

 We knew her experience with breast cancer as an oncology nurse makes her qualified to help many, many women as they go through the journey with their families. For instance, Susan candidly discusses the difficulty of getting lymphedema diagnosed. So, even though Susan is a very private person, she wanted to tell her story simply to help others.

Faith + Practical Info = Victory

With 24 years in nursing, Susan has served both as a cardio and an oncology nurse. She has tenderly cared for countless patients in the most difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives. She and her husband have been married 28 years and she is the mother of 3 kids. One of her daughters is also a nurse. Her beautiful mom is also a breast cancer survivor. The MOST important thing about Susan is her faith, which you are about to discover as she tells her story in this tender conversation.

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I want to hear from you.

What have you learned when you or someone you loved faced off with cancer? Who was on your team and how did they show they cared? Do you have a story you would like to share?

May I pray for you?

Dear Father, our hearts turn to You in a special way during the holidays. For some of us, we see other families celebrating and we feel alone in our grief. We don’t realize how common our feelings are this time of year. Give us courage to openly share with a trustworthy friend the feelings that make us feel isolated. Help us draw near to You.

All families experience grief along the way and this time of year it feels really sad to miss someone we love, face a crisis, or transition into a new normal.

You alone provide the unconditional love, support, and true companionship we need. May our tender hearts find peaceful joy in cherishing Your Son. In His name we pray. Amen.

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