CathyKrafve.comThere’s a raccoon honey bandit that routinely shows up on the tree outside my front door. He simply makes himself at home, as if the honey bees present no threat at all. If only parenting were that easy. Like swarming bees, one of the biggest challenges to parenting is recurring fear. 

All Christians can relate to Peter trembling and hiding in fear, denying Jesus before sun up. But, we want to grant Peter (and ourselves) a little grace here.

After all, grace is exactly what God offered Peter, in the form of a warning, including good information before Peter’s fear set in, and forgiveness afterwards when he felt like a failure.

No Fear Parenting

We relate to Peter even as we judge him and ourselves instantaneously. However, God designed all our emotions, including fear, for a reason. Fear is actually a part of God’s grace, serving as a warning of danger. God offers us the same kind of grace He offered Peter.

When we feel afraid, as all parents do, instead of feeling robbed by fear, we can look for solid information. A few well-considered questions may shine light on our fears, especially when it comes to our kids’ welfare.

Great Parents Tremble

Our fear, worries, and anxiety may clue us in that we are actually great parents facing real challenges. Fear triggers an alert that its time to be brave. We can heed the warnings offered around us, prepare, and stand strong. Fear allows us to find our courage and step into defining moments alert and empowered for victory.

Nelson Mandela put it this way, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” God’s mercy is always available to us if we seek it. When we trip, we stand back up and dust ourselves off.

Worries Tempt Us

Worries tempt us all. Still, with a little thought, worry can easily trigger a terrific head start on prayer. In fact, with a little practice we will be teaching our kids faith on the go, creating young prayer apprentices.

I know, I know. Prayer seems idealistic. You may be one of those folks who likes practical strategies. Me, too. That’s why I focus constantly on creative solutions.

For the record, though, I think prayer is the most practical strategy of all. Who, but God, has that much authority in heaven and on earth to do what is best for our children whom He loves even more than their own earthly parents?

We take our prayers to the One who can answer them perfectly. You know, in case your child just flushed a toy down the toilet and you need someone, anyone, to help you somehow, anyhow right this minute.

Today, knowing fear tests us all, we freely face our fear. We can pursue the things our kids need as freely as our raccoon persists in seeking honey.

I’d Love To Hear From You

When has fear knocked you for a loop? How did you persist in overcoming your fear? What little tips work for you when it comes to fear?

May I Pray for You?

Dear Father, all parents face fear. We just need a little help facing fear down today. We turn to You because You describe Yourself to us as a Father who loves us tenderly and firmly in all the most effective ways. You constantly offer us guidance, so guide this dear reader now. Give this dear one the courage to face down fear in triumph and persistent, courageous love. Teach us to love ourselves and see our own value because You love us so much. Keep us safe. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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