“Cathy has a delightful way of speaking to our mind, while simultaneously engaging our heart.”

S.B. - California

“Cathy is a MOST caring, energy-filled lady! She has the ability to make everyone in the room feel included and welcome. Her tireless enthusiasm makes anything she is involved in just FUN!”

T.S. - Texas

“Cathy is as warm, genuine and delightful as coming upon a field of bluebonnets. Beloved by family and friends for her integrity and sense of humor accompanied by a gift of unselfconscious laughter. Her dedication to God and truth make her like a true Mustang; holding strong and running free, a symbol of persevering values.”

L.R. - Tyler, Texas

“An everyday philosopher, Cathy Krafve not only examines life but shares the bends and curves with us. Always fully human, loving God, family and the unexpected lives we all live, she invites us to join her on new adventures. Sometimes apologetic, but never bashful about scratching below the surface, she helps us realize there is no shame in the examination. Instead, we find shelter in humor and especially grace.”

D.F. - Tyler, Texas

“Cathy will put you in a joyful mood the minute she walks into the room.  She never met a stranger, maybe because she radiates positivity and acceptance to all.  Whatever she is asked to do, she goes over and above and makes whatever it is an unforgettable, FUN experience.  She can be counted on to get it done, and done well – with her radiant spirit of exuberance; you can’t help but join in. One of the BEST!”

K.B. - Tyler, Texas

“Cathy’s contagious smile draws you in and holds you captive while she engages you in compelling dialogue regardless of the subject.  Her sincere and sunny disposition permeates all she does and all who are near her. Wise beyond her years, Cathy contributes solid judgment and common sense in every circumstance whether it be a meeting of the minds or counseling a friend.  While Cathy may “meet” a stranger — give her three seconds and she’ll be their lifelong friend.”

G.B. - Flint, Texas

“The favorite quote in my household for dealing with any delicate situation or relationship: DO THE CATHY. Simply put, Cathy has the unique ability to build relationships with anyone, make them feel special and guide an outcome that is a win-win for everyone.  And Cathy does this with EVERYONE.”

E.P. - Colleyville, Texas

“Cathy is full of energy and a real lady of action; always getting the job done with grace and strength. Her high spirit and energy are contagious. Who could resist her charm and compassion?”

C.H. - Flint, Texas

“Cathy’s book gives you that “best girlfriend” feel and advice that we all need. Whether you have a real life best girlfriend or not, here’s another for you! Her funny and touching stories will draw you in and hold you until the last page. You may cry with her but you will certainly laugh. An enriching book for women of all ages.”

J.I. - Tyler, Texas

“Cathy is a refreshing breath of air who has a way of helping us never take ourselves too seriously. She is one of those encouraging and authentic people who can tell it like it is in a way you may never have heard before and will likely never forget! I cherish her stories, honest approach and unique perspective.”

S.A. - Tyler, TX

“Cathy is a force of nature. Her energy, her passion and her joy radiate brilliantly, enveloping everyone around her. It didn’t take me long to know that Cathy is one of the most sincere and honest people I’ve ever encountered and speaks from the depths of her soul. After a minute with Cathy, I felt like I’d known her a lifetime. She’s never met a stranger and the goodness of her heart matches the depths of her dedication to that which she loves.”

A.P. - Tyler, Texas

“Cathy could teach the Art of Christian Networking.  Her bubbly engaging personality and infectious laugh draws friends like a moth to the light of a flame.  While she has never met a stranger, she makes old friends and new feel welcome and cared for wherever she is.”

F.K. - Tyler, Texas

“Cathy Krafve is the kind of friend I could and have turned to for anything and she would be there for me. She is compassionate and loving-above all-she loves the Lord!!  She is a great role model as a wife, mother and grandmother! Best of all, she is a fun friend!!!!

B.D. - Tyler Texas

“Cathy is like a ray of sunshine and brightens any room when she walks in.  She is always the optimist and has a gift for seeing the best in every person and in every situation.  Cathy is also the life of the party; as a matter of fact she is the party! She genuinely loves people and is able to touch and inspire people in a way that makes anything seem possible.”

D.T. - Tyler, Texas