Do you ever wonder if your spouse actually likes fighting because it’s fun? We all get the feeling sometimes that we spend too much time fighting and fixing the same old stuff. The answer could be as simple as the 3 ways all humans respond to fear: freeze, flee, or fight.

Fighting and Fixing

When we live with a fighter, we can see past fighting and fixing to long-term solutions. With a simple adjustment in our thinking about fear, we can fight for our family together, without fighting with each other. A fresh perspective can change everything. Each person we love instinctively responds to fear in their own special, God-given way. Recognizing if you live with a fighter (or, like me, you are a fighter yourself) allows you to respond in wisdom, making all the difference in our relationships.

I love to hear from you.

We all have ah-ha moments when it comes to fear. What have you learned along the way about living with a fighter or being one? What tricks work at your house?

May I pray for you?

Dear Father, we all have moments when we feel afraid. Some of us even fight with family members instead of remembering how You equipped us to fight for what is beautiful in our families. We ask You now, O Lord, to bless this dear one with wisdom and a sense of purpose in understanding fear. Thank You for the tender companionship You give us. Protect our families and teach us to live in peace. Allow us to respect and cherish Your design of our loved ones. Remind us to look to You for all our heart desires. In Jesus name. Amen

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