CathyKrafve.comWe all have stuff that is just plain too tough to talk about. Never in a million years did I think it was a good idea to talk about that stuff on the radio! Yet, this month we start a new adventure of epic proportions. Okay, maybe epic is a bit hyperbolic.

Fireside Talk Radio Sparks Up

Let’s just say we surprised the heck out of me and launched Fireside Talk Radio. Not without roadblocks.

Far starters, one radio station backed out when they heard our promo for an upcoming episode about recovering from abortion. Apparently anything associated with abortion is controversial. Seriously? Everyone I know, no matter their political persuasion, hates the idea of abortion. We all agree it’s a terrible choice. Plus, everyone really wants families wounded by the lingering after affects of abortion to get help. There’s tons for folks to agree on when it comes to abortion. But, no one knows it if we don’t talk honestly and compassionately.

Sparking Up Compassionate Conversations

Consequently, we launched Fireside Talk Radio to spark up conversations in families. Our goal? Open family conversations that lead to openness, compassion, and fellowship. In order to make it easier for families to talk, we take on the hardest topics. Not to create controversy at all. Instead, we hope to spark conversations that ferment unity, understanding, and mutual respect.

Conversations don’t have to disintegrate into arguments and name calling. Although, if you tune in to the national news sources, you might assume journalism has devolved into one long, rude shouting match.

Personal Stories and Hard-won Wisdom

At Fireside Talk Radio, we invite guests to tell their deeply personal stories, then share what they learned in their struggles. We hope this opens up conversations at your house, as it already has at ours.

Having conversations about how to age with dignity tops my personal list right now. Upcoming shows also address living with chronic pain, date rape, sexual assault, abortion recovery, sex after breast cancer, and more. You name it, we talk about it.

I feel honored to bring the best my friends have to offer. Their stories bring tears to our eyes when we consider the courage and power of these inspiring individuals.

Their reason for sharing such personal information is their hope that our pain will be eased in the hearing.

Stories Foster Fellowship

Stories are like that. They have the power to comfort. Fellowship is created when we drop our guard and expose the tenderest places in our hearts.

In our first episode, the amazing Robyn Boyd shares about discovering her mother was unconscious with a stroke. She offers tips for other women on how to balance Sandwich Generation issues, like how to be a working mom and the care-taking daughter simultaneously. I want to thank Robin here for her generosity in sharing her story. Also, she is my go-to gal for wisdom as Mom made the decision to join Dave and I in our home. I salute her work for our military heroes, too.

Robin’s impressive resume is too long for here, but you can find out more about her by downloading this episode or going to

Please join in prayer for families.

Dear Father, You are the perfect Parent, always compassionate and unending in mercy and love. We are not perfect, not even close. What we need is energy to get through today without totally blowing it. We pray now for families, which are stretched thin in our modern world. For those dear friends who are caring for their elders while simultaneously raising a young family and working, we pray now that You would bless them with peace and energy to be loving and faithful today. Allow us to wake up tomorrow refreshed and full of wisdom for the challenges we face in raising fellowship-based, multi-generational families. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Thank Heavens for Teamwork!

Nothing happens in life without teamwork. In this case, the talented (and oh-so-patient) Roy Bryan designed our beautiful FiresideTalk Radio logo and my sweet daughter, Ellen Trant, served as my delightful co-host to get me past the jitters. Thank you to both of them and the whole team at Toginet. And a special thanks to Sandra Beck for always being awesome as usual, like it’s just another day in the life of a friend.

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