cathykrafve.comWe can take such good care of other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. But, what if you had a handful of shortcuts to take care of yourself? Especially when you are with others, taking care of yourself can be as simple as these 8 quick ways to refresh and encourage yourself. Nothing helps all your relationships like taking care of your own soul.


Shortcuts to Take Care of Yourself When You are With Others

In last week’s blog, I shared a list of ways to care for your inner person when you finally get a quick moment alone. This week, we focus on caring for ourselves while we are with others.

#1 Enjoy the moment in gratitude.

Grateful joy has to be in this moment because now is all the time we get. If you find yourself in a difficult moment of life now, today is the time to reach out to others in appreciation for their friendship and love. Life dishes out so many things we cannot control, but joy follows gratitude and gratitude is a choice.

#2 Choose our close friends wisely.

It’s okay to limit your time with people who drain your energy. You are free to spend more time with people who are positive and far-sighted. Blessing others is a choice, so be that kind of friend yourself, while choosing positive friends who refresh your soul.

#3 Speak up.

When you notice oppression, speak up. This may be as simple as asking a gentle question. Often, speaking up is scary in the moment, but the long-term benefits are worth it. It could be as dramatic as a bold response. Some people may disagree with me here, because they value peace, even to the point of avoiding conflict. But I firmly believe we all feel better if we do not let bullying or negativity go unanswered. A clear conscience is worth a lot.

#4 Cherish those we love.

Enjoying our primary relationships frees our hearts. It’s okay to ignore the minutia momentarily and focus on cherishing those we love. We feel more ready for the day when we take the time to give our children a focused hug before school instead of answering the phone. In 5 minutes, to a gentle text message can encourage someone you love. Five short, but valuable minutes that bless you and someone else.

#5 Honor others.

There is no joy like finding ways to honor those around us. This is a gift we can pass on to our children in simple ways when they are young, almost like apprenticing them in honoring others with praise. As they get older, a habit of honoring those who deserve honor profoundly opens our children’s eyes to appreciate those around them.

#6 Do something silly.

Some folks may feel very uncomfortable with silliness. Yet, it’s easy to take ourselves too seriously. The cure is to relax and laugh and have fun.

#7 Move our body.

I love exercise, but in my case at least, exercise requires accountability. Making exercise a  meaning a team effort means we are doing something rewarding and energizing with others. Of course we should move because we can. Movement is one benefit of being alive. If only we could fly, we would not fail to do that! 

#8 Cultivate our spiritual side.

It may seem odd to define this as something we need to do together to care for ourselves, since spirituality is inherently a private thing. And yet, God made us for fellowship with Himself and others. Including others in our spiritual process invites accountability and completes the circle. You are precious to your heavenly Father, who is not like anyone else you have ever known. The whole universe waits in suspense to see if we will connect wth our spiritual side. When we do, everything else falls into place. (Okay, maybe we still ran a stop sign and got a ticket, but you know what I mean.) May your day be filled with the blessing of joyful well-being, dear one!

May I pray for you?

Dear God, the One we worship in our hidden heart, please notice this one whom You love. Consider all the caring this dear one does for everyone else. In Your goodness, strengthen our hearts, O God, to love like You love. Teach us to care for ourselves with mercy and tenderness. Allow us to refresh and rejuvenate our own souls by being in Your presence, so we can encourage others to seek You, also. Thank you for the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy You offer us through those who love us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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